The history of geba

The formation

geba was founded in 1969 by Fritz Baumgart in Cologne
Introduction of the first patented key switch with european cylinder and a mechanical security plate.
Relocation to Hennef in 1974.
Sudden death of the founder Fritz Baumgart. His wife Gertrud and his son Claus Baumgart assumed the control of the company.

Era of expansion

1989 first expansion of the geba GmbH, relocation in Hennef. In 1991 follows a further expansion of geba, relocation to Buchholz.

Era of product range widening

1998 setup of the geba electronic division. Industrial door controls, keypad systems, transponder systems, photo beams, signal lamps and remote controls are added to the electromechanic range of products.

2001 further expansion, relocation to Eitorf.
2003 death of Getrud Baumgart. Claus Baumgart takes over the sole management of the geba GmbH.